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Fr Ian writes…

As you will have noticed from the news the lockdown is gradually being relaxed but is by no means over. There has been conversations regarding the opening of churches from July but this is all dependent on how the next few weeks unfold. Even when churches do begin to open up it will only be for private prayer at set times. Restrictions on numbers entering the church will initially mean that we cannot all return at the same time and social distancing will have to be managed.  This is by no means ideal but it is a start.

Please pray for your clergy and the church council especially as we prepare for our return to church. Your clergy are now offering online services and Bible studies and we are always available to talk with you and to pray for you. Our Website and Facebook page have all the details you need and our phone details are below.

 Keep well, keep safe and please keep on praying.

 God bless you and those you love.

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