The Missionary Parish of Wood Green

St Raphael’s Centre

 St Raphael's Centre was blessed on Sunday 3rd October 2004 during our celebration of the 160th anniversary of the consecration of St Michael's Church, Wood Green.

The Centre was built primarily to provide accommodation for our Sunday School, but also as a Centre for outreach.


during school term times, from 9am to 3pm on Wednesdays

The Drop-In was opened to welcome anyone who

* would welcome some company and friendship, or who simply has a few          spare moments and would like to come for a chat and a cup of tea or         coffee

* may need a confidential and/or sympathetic ear

* would like to become part of a friendly group who enjoy a few hours         together each week

* needs general advice about issues such as homelessness, various kinds         of addiction and other particular needs

* would like to know more about what being a Christian means

Whatever reason brings you, a very warm welcome awaits.








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