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said mass   08.30
Sung Mass   10.30     with Sunday School

Here are just some of the comments made by worshippers :
'I'm so glad I found St Michael's - what a tremendous atmosphere of welcome and love'  'Truly inspiring'  'uplifting'  'a pleasure to be able to attend mass here'  'it's a pity I live so far away and can only come now and again'   'the music is wonderful'   'praise God that he brought me to this wonderful church'
  'I can't wait until I'm back in London again - see you soon'  'the blend of old and new is exciting'

After Mass Care:
FRESH FRUIT & VEG  :  tea, coffee, chilled water

Exposition of The Blessed Sacrament
(6pm), Evening Devotions & Benediction   6.30pm

Wednesday 12Noon
Friday 17.30
Saturday 12Noon

once a month as advertised - after Sunday Sung Mass at 12pm.
- usually on the Sunday nearest the middle of the month
for further details e-mail : RectorN22@ gmail.com
mass is also said / sung on other feasts & solemnities see AVE!
for details
e-mail: RectorN22@ gmail.com


St Michael  Wood Green

The Missionary Parish of Wood Green
Healing Service